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Fri, Mar. 3rd, 2006, 10:04 pm

Hello, I have come back home again. What fun.

It's nice to get some peace and quiet, I may even have a bath just for the novelty.

Otherwise I'm pretty bored.

Fri, Jan. 6th, 2006, 01:20 am

So, thought I'd have an update.

I'm home for christmas at the mo, well I have been for two weeks, I'm going home in two days, I am glad to have seen my friends but I miss my uni friends, and my boyfriend Ash, legend! I miss the action and there always being someone around just a door or two away, or even usually in my house.

I have had a nice time at home, seeing my pals, it's been just like old times with most of them. I've enjoyed driving around too, what a privilege!
Me and my brother took complete charge of christmas dinner this year, no one else was allowed in the kitchen, we're chef pros, the dinner was amazing too. We soak the turkey in water(thus stopping the turkey from being dry), loads of salt, herbs, all sorts of stuff, it was a recipe from Nigella Lawson, so if your mother/appropriate christmas chef wants a new turkey idea, tell them to track that recipe down!

Ooh I'm looking forward to going back, I've done my assignment and everything!

Until I return perhaps next holidays, I bid you farewell!

Sun, Sep. 25th, 2005, 12:32 am

It is my last day in my humble Langfordian home, until christmas, obviously.

The car is full of crap that maybe I will one day use, also a few useful things, then again lacking in fairly compulsory things like glasses/cups, oh and a sheet for my bed, must remember these things tomorrow.

Dad is being a BIT annoying and I shall be glad to be shot of the both of them temporarily, but I will miss my darling SMOKEY. And Carly who is here now so I have to say this haha.

What concerns me most is that I may miss Neighbours a bit too much, I will adopt a place to watch it and stay there, permanently.

Thu, Sep. 22nd, 2005, 04:48 pm

I went to buy some stuff in Asda yesterday with this giftcard my mum got given from college (they don't give me anything do they? Oh no!) so I'm nearly ready for uni, I need to buy food and stuff yet, but I'm nearly all set!

I'm quite nervous, especially about induction, there's going to be loads of men there, all talking about farting and sports and stuff, and I'll be all lonely in a corner, painting my nails or soemthing.. I haven't even got any nails, oh no!

And they haven't told me anything I need to buy, like books or overalls or that sort of thing, I hope they aren't going to surprise me with expensive things.

My dad is making me do maths because I need to catch up, I mean I do need to catch up, that's why I'm doing a foundation year, I suppose it can't hurt to be a bit ahead but I'm going out for Laura's birthday tonight and we have to collect my computer, how will I have time, sigh. They're making me go to old town Wetherspoons too, boooo.

Mon, Sep. 19th, 2005, 12:17 pm

Alas, poor rabbit, I knew him well.

The poor old chap didn't make it through the night, but I took him to the vet's anyway as I didn't really know what else to do with a dead diseased rabbit.

R.I.P rabbit, I hope the rabbit hospice made your last hours more comfortable.

Sun, Sep. 18th, 2005, 07:25 pm

Yesterday, I was driving along and I saw this little black rabbit in the grass at the side of the road, and I thought, that's odd, you don't often get black rabbits in the wild, so today when I saw it again I thought I'd stop and have a closer look, and when I got to it (it was likely to be a pet rabbit as it was so tame, although maybe it was too diseased to know I was there) it obviously had severe myxomatosis, the poor thing. It's such a horrible disease, swollen, bleeding eyes to the point of blindness, respiration gradually deteriorating until they die, and to think it was Man who distributed it.
So I phoned the RSPCA and they asked if I could collect it and they would pick it up today, but then they phoned me to say they had broken down! So they said if they're not here by half eight, would I take the rabbit to the vet's and they will put it down. Poor rabbit, it doesn't seem very happy about being in a box. I was thinking I could fashion some kind of rabbit hospice to make his last night more pleasant, maybe with a video of watership down or peter rabbit, my poor manky rabbit friend.

Fri, Sep. 16th, 2005, 01:27 am

Neighbours has always been probably better than life itself, but I'm starting to think I wouldn't really want to live in Ramsay street. They seem to go to around three places: The street, Lassiters multiplex style corporate empire, and the park, oh and occasionally the hospital, that's four, and Erinsborough High, that's 5. I really can't think of anywhere else anyone has been recently! When Skye broke up with Boyd, he was like, you're not allowed to go out with Dylan, thus leaving her with pretty much no one, as she is unlikely to go round the corner and find someone new. Ah, maybe life isn't so bad after all.

I'm going to uni next Sunday, looking forward to it a lot. I've got my accommodation now, and although it is next to "the manor", which is a bit notorious, oh and a hostel where young offenders live, I'm sure it's going to be just fine, I don't think I'll take my car there, but I wasn't going to anyway really, where would I put it?

I will apply to move into halls when someone drops out, but that might be more expensive than it's worth, we will see.

I need to get a computer, or I will be suffering severe internet withdrawal - I don't think I can cope with that.

Fri, Sep. 9th, 2005, 05:19 pm

Compulsory pictures of lovely Irish scenery...

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Fri, Sep. 9th, 2005, 05:15 pm

Ireland was lovely, electric picnic was the best festival ever, highlights were:

The Flaming lips

Buckfast (some crazy tonic wine they drink)

Lovely Irish fellas

Kicking a lovely Irish fella out of my tent because he smelled, only to find it was a rotting banana under my bed, then feeling a bit guilty

dancing in the silent disco for 4 hours solid because I was fucked

making lots of lovely Irish/australian friends and never being lonely even though I went alone


Sun, Aug. 28th, 2005, 10:34 pm
She's a model and she's looking good

I'm going to Ireland tomorrow, hooray! I'm going with my parents, I hope I can put up with them, I haven't been anywhere with them in ages but there are going to be lots of horseys and leprechauns and the like, and then I'm going to the electric picnic festival at the weekend. I have to go on my own because people couldn't go, but I really want to and I shall think of it as a step of independence, there will loveable Irish rogues everywhere anyway, oh YES.
I'm gonna see Kraftwerk, which will be so cool, and Goldfrapp, Royksopp, Doves, The Flaming Lips, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, The Human League, De La Soul, oooh it's gonna be wickedy wicked.

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